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"For me, the issue is that becoming part of the land, ceasing to be "white" in the ways you describe, can't be something that someone just decides to do one day. It's a generational process, and it needs a fabric of community, a culture, that supports people living in a profoundly different way."

is part of that fabric an explanation of why identity politics is so immobilizing and destructive to all peoples? Having read large portions of the article, i somehow don't think that it is.

You can cease to be white, i know that society considers me to be white, yet I have scottish/irish ancestry, so i got all these freckles that THROUGH A HYPOTHETICAL SOCIETY LENSE, i can also be black. No, I'm not gonna pay all that fucking money to decide who I am.

Maybe another first step for "white people" (as you and I appear to be) is to refuse letting the boxes that other people want to put us in with "identity" effect us? Dude, stop feeling guilty about all this shit you weren't alive for and had no control over, don't depend on some long inter-generational process to be become part of the land! I have some really simple methods so you can become "part of the land" right now:

-throw a snowball at a comrade

-get them nuero-transmitters a-firin' by thinking about how you can live a MORE PLEASURABLE life. Your nuerotransmitters came from the earth, respect them, respect yourself!

-start planning for a garden this winter

-GO OUTSIDE! Look around at the trees, climb the trees.

-listen to the birds

-attack a lumber company...well, here we are getting removed from the land, but this is a possible method for preventing harmful soil erosion in your local area.

you aren't going to get rid of your whiteness and "go back to the land" through writing essays about identity politics, word usages, "settlers", etc., you're just building a giant archive of activist literature that may or may not get read after you die.