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rid of it with ideology". What i was alluding to is that "my whiteness" is a figment of human imagination, nothing to praise or be ashamed of. The same goes for privilege: why should i envy others for the power, "freedom", and popularity they've amassed in this society, or others for that matter? Wouldn't that be a squandering of my privilege rather than annihilation of the concept?

So, what's colonialist about denying my whiteness? Didn't some black liberationists have something to say about eliminating "the white race" as a concept alone? Why are you reverting the conversation back to our different "white" skin colors, isn't that incredibly fucking racist? Why must we FOREVER be enslaved to the RIDICULOUS ASSUMPTIONS of our ancestors? Why the fuck are you now saying that i'm the colonialist? Aren't we using the white man's words, the white man's internet, and the white man's identity confusion/politiks?

you can't eliminate ideologies by writing on @news, but you can use ideologies to help you orient your life around what you want out of living.