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I agree, this is going to be an inter-generational project.

The anarchist in me bristles at the idea of prioritizing another's liberation over mine. We get free together or we don't get free, is how I frame it. The nature of the box I am in because of who I am, who my parents were, who my ancestors were, and what they have done to this world (worlds) is not the same as the nature of the box Indigenous people (or Black people) are in, so how we get free may look different. But all these boxes are interconnected or interrelated, they depend on each other for making us all not-free.

Part of my task then is to re-member, to know the history of my people and the atrocities they have perpetrated, not in order to wallow in paralyzing guilt but in order to take responsibility for the mess they made. Someone has to clean it up. This invitation to forget is part of the problem. Indigenous people have to live in the ruins of their world, ruins that my people made. Keeping that in mind is part of the undoing of it.