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but that's okay. No one here is on-the-spot about everything.

The whole paradigm of Back to the Land, that was somehow abandoned back in the '80s but might be undergoing a much-needed renewal, was never about country people literally going back where they came from after a shitty urban experience. It is an UTOPIA that rejects a level of urbanization and tech development (dependence on mass-produced technology and consumerism) and often driven by a different spiritual mindset, from hippies to fundamentalist Christians or Jews, so some socialist or anarchistic communes. The utopia understated a level of return to a better state, before urbanization took over, but in the case of hippies this led to a plethora of experiments, more than traditionalism.

So now what's the possibly-developing new movement imo migrates from "Back to the Land" to "Land Back". It can mean different things in the real world given the context, but involves negation of colonial patterns like domination, domestication and APPROPRIATION. That's the place where many hippie communes didn't venture.