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Let's avoid further misundertanding a religion as a hierarchy or even a cult. The fundamental definition of religion is very vague and open to diverse arrangements. it's really just a bunch of people communing around shared beliefs and/or values.

There's a very clear reason, at least in some regions, why hippies often took the structure of religious cults. Beyond the fact some of them were actual fucked up cults, there are legal benefits in the official status as religion, like a quicker way to start a land trust, tax avoidance on the communal property, and the nonprofit requirement that makes capitalist schemes harder. That's, at least, the situation in my area, where many hippie communes turned into religions due to that loophole.

So anarchism as religion? Why the fuck not!? I'm afraid that already is one... ;-)

But that is only the legalist approach... which in itself isn't as favorable as easy as it looks. I'd personally be rather favoring squatting some abandoned place that's not looked-after by any sort of speculation.