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Believe it or not I'm not trying to be spot on about everything, just trying to have a decent conversation about how to live and die at the end of a world. (I do have my opinions, tho!)

I am aware of the Back-to-the-land movements of the 60's, I've read Peter Coyote's books and I have some friends who bought land in ~1970 for a farm and it is still a working farm. Living where you can grow your own food is certainly not a bad idea, it is also made complicated by a history of extermination of Indigenous peoples.
My quip was more about the idea urban hippies in the 60's went *back* to the land, because a lot of them were never on it. But it also works as a jab at that Utopian thinking.

Land Back, as you know, is an Indigenous campaign to get land back into Indigenous hands. Other than the play on the words Back to the Land I'm not sure there is a positive connection. but I don't know for sure.