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I don't see any more essential way to take back the land in an indigenous perspective than to- completely negate the abstract bullshit property schemes imposed on the land for centuries.

This is where I did not agree with Aragorn! in a podcast, as he was presenting or understanding the idea of avoiding to buy land to be a kind of guilt thing. It's not about guilt... but about not reproducing the very same patterns colonialism, here, is made of. It's also about free-dom, plain and simple.

Property is the opposite to freedom; it's territorializing and assigning this or that place to contractual landlords. This is by far the biggest insult to American indigenous people, that some Euro despots went on imposing these shitty old notions around here. This is shitting on the land.

My dream for this land is very straightforward, and 100% compatible with the indigenous perspective. It's a place where the abstraction of property, as well as all its contracts, its lots, its laws, are just a faint memory of a stupider world. Will it ever happen on a large scale? I dunno, and I don't care coz I likely won't be around to see this. But it can be done at a local small-scale level.