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lol, here we go again, SOT fighting SE....

anyways, i do agree with SE about "class warfare", but the punchline to the joke is acknowledging that class-ware is pretty much the same thing as careerism, id-pol shouting matches, communist/trumpee insurrections, putting strychnine in the boss's punch can one really fuck with class-capitalism without doing away with the framework or just doing your own thing out of view of the shifty-eyes? Stealing, be corny af on an anarchist least allow someone to something they need in a given moment.

But as far as the left and the right? To me they're part of the same issue, this idea that policy reforms and cops can actually make this world more tolerable to live in for everyone. I had the pleasure once of talking to some lady from belaruse, who came to the US in part because she didn't like the communist dictatorship, and i asked her what the difference is between nazism and communism, since i don't have much experience with the latter. She answered that nazis have have more of a proclivity towards racism and violence, whereas communists want to sensor everything and air the ruling party on television. So either way, the right and the left have these nasty diabolical schemes. We can compare the schemes all day but I'm just sick of seeing this same issue where lumpentroll is a detective of the left looking to expose the individualists and their evil gaslighting concerning the colonial efforts of the west. Dude, it's an anarchist forum! How many times have we heard those stories?