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First off: how are you getting that math? If you had 10% body mass, that's 30,000 calories in reserve. About 12,000 is 5lbs. How are people in the west consuming 35,000 calories a day? On the other side, how can someone already around 10% mass continue (a very stressful) long-term caloric deficit of 2500 calories a week. I'm someone pretty heavily interested in primal health, who regularly intermittently fasts and eats only 1-2 times a day. The numbers don't compute.

Second: not all calories are created equal. The calorie-in-calorie-out theory is discredited. So perhaps trying to impose living by numbers (which is what the western mindset does via economics) is just more of the relations determine the shape of reality and not rationalism.

That is to say: we're not looking holistically at what a life ways is, and instead narrowly focused on projecting western concepts onto life.