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i think the article does lay some good theoretical groundwork for "eco-fascism", as kinda this diffuse environmentalist tendency that doesn't have anything to do with fascism:

-you got the folks mumbling about the "population problem" like bill gates, and since he's a billionaire we should be creeped out about this. I would argue that there are too many humans in the world and it's not benevolent, but if one takes it on themselves to eliminate them or put limits on the number of babies that people have like they do in china, then yes they are eco-fascists.

-you got those idiots who hate immigrants, who use environmentalist arguments against them. If we reduce it all down to "carbon footprint", they are right but fuck them anyways, fuck borders, fuck reductionism. I hope ya'll get banished to a dirt floor prison cell in mexico where the water is tainted with feces.

-then you got these shitty reformist organizations like the sierra club, which i used to be a part of informally. They pretty much have an "anything to reduce pollution/save the environment" approach, which very well could become Eco-fascism if it already isn't. The thing that really made me angry long after i left is they were pushing for fracking in the state i live in as a way of replacing mountain top removal, but fracking is just as bad or worse. Aesthetically speaking, it also completely decimates everything single living thing in its path. Fuck sierra club, they can barely compromise their way out of a paper bag.

I honestly think anyone who cares about this stuff should also pirate "planet of humans", because Al Gore certainly takes the center stage as an Eco-fascist there, and he deserves it for sure. Renewable energy isn't inherently good, yet i don't see any problem with stealing or buying a couple solar panels to put up on your house. It's not like that would be any worse than starting a fire, yet the issue is that it requires lots of electricity to heat a house...would work good for a few lights.