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You're poor? Get a cheap used wood stove, recycle some wood around your place. Do yourself a hut or long house. Forget yurts; they're an expensive yuppie niche.

Insulate with cob and/or layers of cardboard. The latter is preferable due to being found everywhere in recycling bins, and super easy and fun to work with. Paint or wax for waterproofing. Let the snow accumulate on the roofs during the winter, so provides with extra insulation.

The general trend in house-building through history was people building with what's easily found around. With the advent of the mass production economy it all went to shit, as we grew dependent on industrially-produced materials and shitty prefab designs, with construction parasites driving the markets with mafia money-laundering schemes and waste of taxpayer money.

Texas has shown you how dependence on the State's mass infrastructure (no matter how shitty it is) can turn a house or apartment in a cold, cold grave. Consumer capitalism don't do it. Or get rid of it.