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if i could just walk everywhere, then i would be a little less irritated all the time. But since i live out in the stix, and have many items of adulting to do, i have to have a car, and those things just suck the life out of you. I also don't really like bikes, just because you lose some control over different situations. I used to spend more time just walking/strolling through my neighborhood, but the people just scared the fuck out of me.

First of all, the car drivers like to honk and jeer at you, and they also really suck at driving. I also got accused of burglarizing homes, by two different women. Now to add some context with this, i kinda live in a rough area, and i was angered/shocked because I'm certainly not a fucking burgler, i just steal stuff from supermarkets and franchises sometimes during the day. So in the end i have to limit my range of motion so people can stop almost killing me with their cars and being butt-hurt about the fact i "act funny". Fucking red america.

But can't you imagine how cool that would be, if we could just walk everywhere? Turn those old interstates in to clear fading paths to different villages and cities?

As far as hauling stuff and driving, i just don't see an end to fossil fuels at least for a very long time. Most of those experiments in bio-fuels have turned out to be preposterous failures, and the horse and buggy won't comeback for obvious reasons.