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Huh? What does any of that article have to do with "eco-fascism" or "fascism"? Don't get me wrong, i love masturbating over discussing the obsession of the gazillions eco-fascists that exist somewhere. This person must read the washington post and new times all the time leading them to conjure up the gazillions of fascists in their mind

I was reading the other day that the US military consumes roughly 40% of fossil fuels in the US. I thought that was neat. I've been thinking of growing rice because ideally, you can harvest rice twice a year compared to most other grains that can be harvested just once a year. Back in the day like 600+ to 300 years ago, the Chinese calorie intact was about 500 calories more per day than Europeans because of growing rice. If I collect my poop and other animal poop I should be set for fertilizer and rice. This has nothing to do with anything just like that article see eco fascist and fascists everywhere in imaginary land from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I don't care about sustaining human life on earth in the future