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-- migrate the site from drupal to backdrop (a much better, largely compatible alternative to drupal7 AND drupal8).

-- use one of the reliable formatting modules for the body field of posts/comments. ckeditor works well with drupal. backdrop does by default.

-- force pseudonymous posting, and make it easy for users to create persistent pseudonyms on the fly, no account (or some kind of limited account auto-created) necessary. also the ability to chain together one's pseudonyms if desired. posters can still avoid identifying themselves, but at least all their posts can be distinguished from all the other anons.

-- do away with moderation.

-- allow for "community" rating/tagging of articles and comments, along with the ability for users to hide comments from anyone they choose. self-management of so-called censorship.

-- spin up an onion url for it.

-- have a site section for the @-equivalent of classifieds. ride-shares, couch-surfs, land/project help requests, dumpster-dive maps, whatever.

-- have a simple direct messaging facility.

(clouds moving in, i'll see if it clears up again for some more...)