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"force pseudonymous posting,"

Nope. Who else does that than authoritarians? Furthermore I remember it's been tried on this site once, and it didn't work out too well.

"allow for "community" rating/tagging of articles and comments"

Double nope. Stay on Raddle or Reddit.

"do away with moderation."

Hello welcome to 2021 which shoudn't be confused with 2002. So, nice plan to get your neonazi, tankie and/or cop buddies have it their way, rite?

"have a site section for the @-equivalent of classifieds. ride-shares, couch-surfs, land/project help requests, dumpster-dive maps, whatever."

Security culture what is that? lol

"have a simple direct messaging facility."

Aplanet already is on Matrix, both for Element messaging or the IRC.