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to change this site as there are obvious issues, i was the first to give suggestions, now after reading the comments lol ive realized that yeah there is no way to really improve this site except maybe just remove all the comments and just have the message board and a private messaging

The most absurd ideas i have seen here are:

-increase the moderating. Why? Havent you noticed that a lot of comments just dissapear without any ethical framework whatsoever to back it up or justify it??

-have a voting system, so you think it makes a damn bit of difference if a post has 2 likes or 1000 likes? What kind of anarchist are you?

-the assertion that kevin keating and lumpentroll are like good bacteria. Lol, of course they have their moments where they shine a light on something but overall they do a whole lot to improve the comments overall, lol.

One thing i would like to see happen is people to submit better articles, im really sick of the glaring spotlight on leftist and anti-fa matters, but ya know i understand why thats related to anarchists so not much to do about that...

This morning i was thinking about starting an anarchist/individualist forum with my own moderation rules just to see what happens...