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Of the things suggested: new branding seems unnecessary. Increased moderation or no anonymity would likely deter posters and make the site even more dead. Reduced moderation: I'd prefer because I want to be able to tell bad-faith commenters to fuck off. No moderation: probably not viable with all the spambots. My feeling ATM is mods should remove irrelevant posts but not try to nudge, tame or limit the discussion or police the tone. AA-OP would be a wedge in the door for idpol censorship efforts. Definitely no "likes", that encourages pile-ons and playing to the crowd. I like the video streaming idea, preferably with a chat to encourage people to interact more. Possibly several streams like cytube (but anarchist). By the same token, an anarchist games hub would be good, with things like 3 sided football, kriegspiel and tripura transfer.

I've made suggestions before about possible innovations in anarchist online content. One of these is, it would be good to have an uncensored site on Tor. Another, it would be good to have a simulated or game world where people interact through avatars. Something like a news aggregator would also be useful. I'd probably make the news more comprehensive, and include more worldwide stuff and especially coverage of riots and protest movements everywhere.

People come TO anarchy through side-channels such as single-issue campaigns, drug/rave culture, punk, squatting, etc. The more effective dissident groups today tend to proactively channel people from the most basic sympathetic positions to the full dissenting position. We can't do this in the same manipulative way, but it would be good to have similar channels: things which appeal to people who aren't anarchist but are anarchist-sympathetic. I'd suggest doing this via new sites with links to this one, designed on an anarchist model and serving specific communities like FLOSS, crypto, rave, piracy, DIY/drop-out, punk, gaming, etc - set up without any of the idpol or corporate bullshit that's usually there. So for instance, make a permanently running anarcho-punk online radio with embedded chat and a "latest news" panel which goes to Anarchist News. Or a site with how-to's for FLOSS programming, a discussion hub for programmers, and no fucking conduct code... and again some kind of link here. That kinda thing.

BTW apologies I periodically disappear, then reappear with textwalls... It's nothing to do with whether the TOTW is interesting, it's all to do with life chaos, work (ptup) and periodic burnout.