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That's one of the things emerging now where time is its own currency. I don't see this as the end of capital just and extra layering of mediation. What's missing from this discussion is any technological or surrogate activity analysis(I'd recommend checking Chad 'Chadafrican' Haag's stuff out which is pretty informative). I'm hearing to much of the structure of Marx(material this and that-what about spirit?) in this discussion which has been done to death. Let him die with the 20th century. Anarchist/Anarch epistemology is all that matters going forward into this coming neo-Roman Principate world society with its techno-machineological cybernetic networked noded power structure. Anarchist and anarch power diffusion(not building) and affinity(not organization) will matter more then ever in this coming 21st century Roman Principate equivalent world. I'm also hearing the same ideas that use to inform Processed World in terms of focusing on Tech workers. How 'bout just focusing of questions of technology and how we activate being on an everyday level please.

The 20th century was a mostly Marxist century. The good news out of this bad news to come is that anarchism and anarchy has the floor. Use it properly.