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This is a largely trumped up projected existential emergency by model obsessed scientists who have no conception of non-linear dynamics when it comes to terrestrial imbalances. Here's a good video example from Bret Weinstein

Catastrophes tend to be cosmic. Cosmic factors are the only thing that will shut down the civilized order by non human force and potentially drive extinction. Outside of cosmic factors you don't have to worry about human extinction of the prospect of a big catastrophic collapse. You should also be VERY distrustful of the people driving this problem solution climate change agenda. They're not green anarchists or deep ecologists of cyberneering scientific managing technocrats. I am FAR more concerned about the civilization they will construct under the excuse of dealing with this existential coming 'catastrophe' then I am the actual fall out of AGW which will probably bend and even break some things on a local scale(Texas but worse) but will hardly end civilization or this species(lol).