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The odds are long Long LONG on extinction or near extinction even when considering collapsing co-factors such as energy decline complexity contraction and dark age. The grand problematique as Ozbekhan called it. The only thing that would drive THAT would be something cosmic on a younger dryas level and single/primary factor climate change is NOT that.

Where are the big words? I just presented you with a video of pretty hard emerging data of a hidden feedback loop(probably not the last to be accounted for in the century to come). AGW will be a downer for sure and will bring bout local existential challenges for the civilized human being but it will not drive EXTINCTION(Like that's something to even be afraid of anyway-let the grass grow as a nihilist saying goes).

I think what matters more is focusing on the everyday terror that humans do to each other including in the name of warding off the apocalyptic threat. This was Bob Black's point in 'Anti-Nuclear Terror' and this is my point on the issue of climate change. We should be inhibiting against cybernetic civilized world building and control and also prepping for what could be the beginnings of a dark age to come which I do put at a 50% chance of happening. These things are actually more profound to talk about and anticipate then secular scientific apocalyptic fear mongering. After all the ecologists and environmentalists have such a great predictive record(lol)