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I have only contempt for this echo chamber upper cast of armchair anarchists. They are a breed that just kept reproducing, and make a bad name of people like Lucy Parsons, Novatore, Armand and Bonanno. Goodreads weaklings for whom thoughts are action while despising anything being done in the real world, as they live in the world of ideas. We've been having these fake anarcho tools for ages in NA, and what good did it do? If activism and "strugglismo" didn't change the social relationship, or tackle society, armchair anarchism didn't just do less than that, but also has just put the beautiful idea in a frame and hung it on a wall for their fartbong buddies to contemplate.

Got theories? Great. Just fucking DO SOMETHING with it. Quit preaching to the choir or re-vivisection the concepts for the 63th time since last year, and put them to the test of the real world!