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is enough to explain the problem with this thing called anti-fa.

If this guy is objectionable, oppressive, etc., why are you posting a link to their patreon?

"Your support will enable him to continue writing rigorous philosophical critiques of monumental thinkers such as Kaczynski, Greer, Linkola, Evola, Zerzan, Ruppert etc. which the academic industry ignores for biased political reasons."

You see, it didn't take very long at all to find out where you got your information from. If you think it's some sort of evidence-against-the-enemy, you fucked up pretty big time, because i see zero evidence that he's either a racist or a nationalist. John Zerzan must also be a fascist....ROFLMFAO, it seems like you can't even read.

It's funny how some people live such empty and pathetic lives that they go around on the internet trying to come up with different ways to call somebody a nazi. The comment section of @news is a lot worse for this, it's beyond repair because the people who do this have been hanging out here for years. It's not even funny anymore, it's just incredibly boring and infuriating.