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The guy's an obvious ecofascist autist whose books likely consist of the exact same literary bubble going for 500 pages that says what can be written in a sentence or two. The very fact he's presenting Greer, Evola and that neonazi clown Virkernes as "monumental thinkers" doesn't only make him an ecofash, but also a complete retard and possibly a racist bigot too. And no I'm not going to buy and parse through his drivel to feed you with more cascading comments on here, just for you to keep denying the obvious, coz you're already a terminally-retarded MAGA zombie from some White racist suburb.

Speaking of not buying his "books", who's gonna yell about him being "deplatformed", now!? Gotta thank Goodreads (Amazon) for being so supportive of neofascists, conspiracy theory shitlords and the rest of this ilk, just like they are with the O9A. Sooo much for "Democrat Antifa SJW call-out culture"!

Also... sooo much for "anti-tech" positions, as well!