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MAGA-zombies?? I do live in a "white racist suburb" (and there are black people too!), i have stated that on here because I'm overall as honest as i can be about what i think. I don't vote. The most you can say about my "trump support" is there were maybe a couple things that he has said i sorta agreed with, but overall i just think he's a narcissistic bully-clown kinda like you.

So, i just want to inform you: it's possible to agree with certain parts of what a writer has said without agreeing with the other parts. Often times, gasp, writers don't even tell you everything they think. The fact that you angrily call out chada haag with associations instead of something he actually did or said tells me that your research is just crappy and sloppy. I actually watched around 15 minutes of one of his videos that SE posted a while back...he's against technology and civilization. I find his language usage to be overly incomprehensible and boring, so no i would never pay to support his youtube platform but i'm sure he's glad that you posted a link to his patreon page and used such intriguing and strong moral hyperbole to describe him. LOL!

A-news commenters are overall pretty trashy, but to me it always seems with this site in particular, it's always the leftists who are more aggressive and douschey about their hang-ups.

Oh, you just gave SE another reason to rant about how he hates leftist censorship! Cute! Your anti-fa campaign is going really well i see.