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You IQ room temperature retards just can't help it can you. It's like I-the player-just have to push some texts to get you assclowns going. You are aware that one can compartmentalize the good and the bad of a given thinker right...RIGHT? In Haag's case he's a reactionary ecologist who ultimately does not jibe with my sensibilities. However, he has some useful language in regards to technological analysis and onto-epistemic frameworks. I like his concepts of somatic ecological context and other terms like deep memes and sense/countersense. He's actually an interesting living philosopher who actually has updated the technology criticism of the mid-late 20th century in interesting conceptual ways.

This does not equal affinity or whole sale endorsement of his greater worldviews or sensibilities. I know you assclowns can't be this stupid can you? To the other poster, I don't so much find these people infuriating as I do amusing. It almost looks like I'm trolling them and pushing a text button to make them react a certain way. I'm not actually doing this but it looks so due to how stupid and institutionally leftist and blue churched these people are.

It's all a further reminder of why I will NEVER set foot into any meet space milieu. I'm convinced the maoist psychological rot is terminal at this point and the best thing that could happen to anarchism and anarchy going forward is for that milieu to just FUCKING DIE.