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Nuance is especially lost these days when the internet has heightened the amount of fear the average person has been exposed to when shifting even further indoors. It gets harder to read what's noise, what's signal and who's a bad actor or simply a typical ideolgue.

I find myself taking breaks from all of this stuff. As I travel and go outside as much as possible people haven't changed much from pre-covid. The internet, however, feels like a bad trip.

You've got a lot of good points in this string of comments. Have you seen the most recent film series of Adam Curtis? He's too lefty for the both of us, and yet makes a lot of really interesting points entirely needing dissection and discussion (this will be hampered some time by the over 8 hour running time). To me (and I read stirner, lao tzu, and nietzsche as all saying the same things in different ways), the Western Mindset is at a spiritual dead end with its over-emphasis on rationalism and materialism. The human mind is clearly not the primary organizing influence. Even if there were one, hunan's don't have access to a Gods Eye View of reality. They're not in charge. Behind everything are interrelations. No-things. And reality is one continually unfolding now. Now is all we have.

So yeah, the sooner we can untether from the grip of marxism the better. I was never a good Christian, and I don't ever want to be one.

Dare we to play with making our own imaginations, meanings and relations beyond measure for once?