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11:44 here again...

so, people really suck and i get that. Chada haag i guess is a little bit of a "hypocrite" because his philosophical theories see technology as kinda spooky and dangerous like ted kaczinsky did, and btw, a lot of chada haag's philosophy is based around the parts of TK's manifesto that I actually strongly agree with.

However, to a degree i gotta give Chada haag the benefit of the doubt, because:

-i'm not interested enough in what he thinks to go making accusations. You don't really seem to be very interested either, so don't watch his videos.

-the internet is basically a totalitarian police-hijacked tool that everyone is obligated to use a little bit. If your problem is that he uses the internet and sells books on amazon, then why the hell are you didn't you center your critique around that? You just did what so many people on here do, you just called him a fascist in an indirect/sleezy/trolly way.

Overall i do not agree with everything SE says, and i think some of his word usage is a little lol. Like for example, why do you keep using "tard" to keep describing people on twitter? It doesn't clarify anything and just makes you sound like a autistic bully. I have argued with SE openly on anarchist news, but I'm not going to pick apart every single thing he says and push him against the wall. I also do prefer to have him on the internet, because I don't see other people saying the type of stuff that he does.

So there. We've all been having cold interactions online for so long that we can all revert to being narcissistic bully trolls at times.