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You? For diving in to defend the guy who called Mike Brown a "thug" just after his shooting and is constantly whining about Antifa and feminists? Or SE himself, for diving in to defend or promote a diverse range of internet neofascist scum, as well as pedophilia? Tell us more about "harm reduction".

This is here more work of perception management aiming to at legitimate ecofascists and in that sense, it is being aggressive, reckless "control freaks". It's as bad as what tankies were doing. If you think someone should have a waiver to pull off such horseshit on a public forum while the critics reacting to this are the "control freaks", you must have either some brain damage or suffer from a form of retardation.

And no, being an academic in the US no longer is an indicator of mental sanity or proficiency of some idiot like the guy referenced above. The US higher education system is broken, intoxicated by big money and ID pols, and the recent demonstration that 2 + 2 = 5 by an Harvard PhD, using ID pols as cover for the stupidest irrational argument I've seen in years coming from an academic, just shown how it's FUBAR. So I don't care through which university or how many books this guy has written, if he's taking abject ideologues such as Evola and that Vikernes clown as reliable theorists, not only him but his readers are demented fools.

Again, this is a public forum for anarchists and the anarcho-curious. You get flamed in the comment section for posting horseshit by authoritarian ideologues and demagogues?