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The kind of definitions that only hairbrained leftists come up with. I have an edgy Bob Black posting style which is appropriate for the writing medium of the internet and ideas. He nor I am hateful or reactionary. Not liking Mike Brown and thinking he was an idiot death seeker does not make you 'hateful'. That's what most people think including many black folk. That's not to say there isn't a proper multi-structural analysis to be made of that event where you avoid demonization of people like that, but bad character is bad character.

Do you guys even know what reactionary is? Someone who has an edgy assholish posting style is not a reactionary. Someone like Bellamy would be someone who's gone down something of a reactionary path(I still like him though I like Rydra more) He tends to be turned off by things that might be called degenerate. I actually like those things. Hell I have another account on twitter where I like and retweet porn(and it's obviously adult retards). That's not what reactionaries do.

I'm also more or less the same as I have been since the early 10s. My posts do get yeeted for a reason you know.