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Psychologizing people is despicable.

That's not what happened at all, you're lying through your teeth. I don't recall any rape threats. In fact, what I do recall is being told to "get fucked" endlessly. What entitlement are you talking about? I've attempted to hold your collective to their own standards they set in how people should conduct themselves, but the hypocrisy is astounding. I'm not being laughed out of anarchist spaces, your dumb IRCis not a "space" abd it's more communist than anything else. You're lying about hacking, you're also storing IPs and phone numbers, and many other things. And the censorship, the using of people's names to comment here on anews, the alteration of comment chains to change tone or context of discussion. You're a fucking joke and I'm sure it won't be long before this is removed, too. Nut up or shut up! Otherwise leave me the fuck alone and stop sullying my name. I'm not a meme, I'm a person. Keep treating me like one and expect reactions. I'll be there ready to fight quicker than you can type @kban *! *@*!*