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The basic anarchic reason to reject fascism is due to it being a mass psychology of contrived struggle and in your societal place hierarchy. One need only read the poetic critique of it by Renzo Novatore to get the basic idea why it sucks. Once again though I don't think this requires and elective dedicated rejection. You've already done this with hierarchy and authority which includes fascism. What makes elective anti-fascism suspect is the hierarchical authoritarian type who get to umbrella with you toward this shared elective goal.

I do nominally agree with some Mussolini talking points like being against the easy lift(some star trek society) as well as rejecting materialism(along with the materialist conception of history) but his and they're mass psychology of contrived life struggle is not my answer to modernity and leviathan. I do like the idea of non prescribed struggle and basic challenges brought forth by physical reality and would not like to see some machineological artificial fix against these things. I still however want this done without work, state, hierarchy, machineology reification ect. Physical reality should be a challenging but still fun place to have an experience.

On the ecology question I suggest a blue(as opposed to excess denying sacrifice to earth green) egoist ecology which balances visions of excess and ecological balance. Neither humanist social ecology nor misanthropic deep ecology but a balanced integrated egoist ecology. Much of this excess came from fractal electro magnetic paterns within the earth that somehow apertured and resonated within a complex animal. It's time to make piece with the consequences of psycho modern humans while dealing with overly reified civilized tendency.