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Nah, I'm not that guy. My interpretation is willful, as in completely voluntary and not against my will, you may definitely disagree with it and could clarify what a more accurate interpretation could be, or not. While I'd be pleased to discover you only mean wonderful things by these repulsive (to me) words, I would still prefer others.

Words are the only things your readers can review. As long as words, with their construed meanings, are the medium for our communication, then the choice of words matters greatly, and one may object words opposing them with other words. It's horrible, I know. You carefully put together these words, I know these concepts are not coined by you, but you chose them out of all that were available, due to your affinity with them, even if that affinity does not mean you turn off your critical thinking. I merely expressed very crudely that I lack affinity with this direction of thought.

I realize nothing good came from this encounter, as when I step on a nail and let out a shout, I'm not expecting the shout will undo my misfortune of stepping on it. Likewise, my complaint is cathartic and it will not undo my unpleasant encounter with this text. But like I said, I read this willfully, I chose to read your workshop. I don't always comment, sometimes the comments are more agreeable and sometimes it's a heckle like now. I will keep reading your rambles and meanders, workshop or otherwise, with interest. I find the disagreements challenging and interesting. I also amuse myself by making them vocal. For example:

This entry exhibits an anarchism that merely aspires to be a refined civism. Where the citizen is now a “political animal” or "homo economicus" or "einzige" in a mutual intimate relationship/union, details to be fleshed out, which hinge on the management of a household, which constitutes the basic social unit. I do not discard your previous writing, so I do not use this text as pretext to discard them, I'm just saying no to this part. This seems to describe the part of everyday life that is perhaps inevitably not anarchic. This is the modicum of conformity one abides to to get by.