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As you say, words are all we have. You may have noticed that there aren't many left that we don't have to use in somewhat novel ways in order to talk about anarchy. And since you reference my earlier work, you obviously can't have missed the fact that the whole project is a matter of breaking free from, well, pretty much all of the things that you turn around and accuse me of perpetuating. I have to assume that you picked your own words with the understanding that neither I nor most of the readers here would respond positively to them, as well as the knowledge that you had yourself chosen those words. This shit about "making a bavarian village diorama out of legalistic 19th century big brain on an armchair natural law social science and economistic language" isn't half-bad as attack—unless, of course, you're unaware that it's a ridiculous misrepresentation (at which point it seems bad indeed.)

Why talk about a "basic social unit"? First, because a participant in the workshop specifically asked me to. I've taken on some responsibility to step up in those moments when this thing stops being some kind of weird performance art and threatens to be something like a seminar again. Second, because, as good as the "society!" jokes are, anarchism really does seem to need to come to some kind of terms with "the consequence of getting mixed up with other people." And we often do it pretty badly, leaving authoritarian, hierarchical, archic elements intact—the sort of thing you are presumably accusing me of.

Why not defer to parents who seem to think of their children as property or subordinates? For the same reason that it seems useful to root out the patriarchy in Proudhon's social science. For the same reason it seems useful not to just accept "direct" or "pure democracy" as compatible with anarchy.

Why, on your side, talk about a "guarantist social contract," when the discussion was quite explicitly about the anarchic alternative to all pacts and contracts? Who the fuck knows? Catharsis, presumably—but catharsis for an encounter shaped by you into something much more unpleasant than it needed to be.