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»It is proven false by history« is a sentence that expresses the old idealistic habit of transforming the real history in an idealistic subject. »History« did not fight, did not loose, did not win, did not judge, did not prove. It is always been and will always be real human beings which did and do all this. And the individual who criticized this oppressive Hegelian habit was called Karl by his parents and inherited the family name Marx.
And it was the Stalinist Red Army which liberated the extermination camp Auschwitz in January 27, 1945 and they probably would not have been able to do so without total discipline within their ranks, without forming a »state or a statelike entity«, because the people who invented and constructed a factory for the sole purpose of killing people in the most efficient German way were no »sort of boogeyman«, but well organized and ruthless »national Socialists«. And these national socialist were and are the only political movement that can claim, what todays Anarchists aspire to be: neither left nor right. Before they attacked and raided half of the world they simply »collected« their homegrown communist or anarchist enemies and tortured them to death like the brilliant and courageous anarchist Erich Mühsam. There was no real »leftist« or »anarchist« resistance. So, what did »history prove again«? What is the point of transforming the necessary critique of authoritarian and paternalistic tendencies within the left into an identitarian opposition of anarchism and leftism? Does it have any strategic value in the effort of really changing the world or does it just make you feel better, because once again all the evil is outside of your pure mind?
In the times when there had been a real and not just a virtual and circular communist and anarchist movement the revolutionaries discussed the dialectics of reform and revolution, which might be the meaningful question hidden behind the meaningful seeming question of being anarchist or leftist.
And by the way: there were no »communists« »attacking an anarchist bookstore in Hamburg, Germany a few weeks ago.« There is a bunch of young male guys who constantly attack anarchist or autonomous places in search for their masculinity, but do not do them the favor of calling them communists. There are no communists in Germany anymore, just social democrats and lots of liberals and some call themselves anarchists and everyone is looking for a consistent identity.