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Jeez, alright, I will! Get off my case already, will ya?

I wrote that How Is It To Be Fun? how-to years ago, so I listed a few things (or one big thing) that I used to find fun, and I've since moved on to mycology (not botany, like you mentioned, but close enough). And yeah, it's excitingly boring to me and that's enough for right now.

Crime is great, I def won't knock it, but we grow up and have kid(s). Eventually you have to at least cut back.

The summer should have brought out any anarchist who's interested in street actions. Even if you're mostly "out". Yes, it was a booster shot of excitement.

I'm a boring (your word) anarchist partly because group dynamics of early 20 year old's in a small college town was a nightmare for me a decade ago and I was cancelled, the other part is depression. But I've taken the initiative to work on the relationships that would be hurdles for me if I did want to be accepted back in someday. Now I'm not so worried about being around other anarchists, I'm just wary and choosy. I also don't have an interest in running with the "crowd" I was with that cancelled me. There's new cool people and some old cool people still in the "sandbox", those are who I'm interested in having fun with.