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A lot in OP's thread has to do with doing things more like to please others than ourselves, or at least pleasing ourselves in a way that makes others FOMO. Why would I do that, assuming I'm not a sadist?

While doing shit in public (social media doesn't count as "public") is a priority, it's hard to do so without turning yourselves in a spectacle. The only way I saw it work was FnB type of stuff and dance parties on the street (latter is kinda fun, but kinda liberal too). Riots are always interesting tho they're also spectacles in themselves. And I fail to see where in history humans haven't been doing spectacles. American natives used to have these huge multiethnic potlatch conventions where you had ritual dances, music and possibly theater plays. Those were a type of mediation between diverse cultures and languages. So if at least it's living real people being the comedians, well at least that's better than lifeless images and representations of projected non-beings, which is the real ultimate liberal crap.

So the idea of doing shit in public is for the goal of reaching out to others and connecting. Intersubjecting. Interacting. Going on the stage is great funs, but creating your stage is even better. Where being on the internet is yet another form of dislocation and disconnection from the world around us, no matter how you're putting your intimacy online... that's pathetic. "Finding each other" online is absurd and also way cop-ish. But there's still nothing wrong with using online to organize irl shit.

Messy thoughts, too lazy to arrage them this mornig. But take whatever suits you.