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1. I don't understand the question.
2. I don't know if anarchism is boring.
3. I had to look up FOMO. Dang internet speak. The internet says it's a marketing strategy and is also related to social media. Both sound depressing and like distractions that would divert me away from realizing my goal and full potential.
4. If you're stuck in boredom because you believe it is a symptom of anarchy, I would say do the opposite of boredom.
5. Because I find it enjoyable.
6. I am making a list. I would appreciate it if you got entirely off my back about it, dude.
7. I have no idea if anarchists are boring.
8. I don't do any of those things listed. The things listed sound dull. Yes.
9. I'm indifferent to stuff anarchists do. Same goes for whether doing said stuff is wise.
10. I'm indifferent to people I don't know and their self esteem, appearance, and class/rank on this planet.
11. I don't know how to determine if I'm boring or not. I have had some success looking for items by digging holes and tunnels.
12. Since I don't know how to determine if I'm boring or not, I can't determine if the litany of things listed apply. They don't apply to my hole digging and tunneling skills.
13. I have 70% successfully rewilded. I am like a vole that is literate, use a computer, put on & wear clothing, open & close doors/windows, use utensils, and speak languages. I'm currently trying to devolve and unlearn my literacy comprehension and the actions mentioned in the previous sentence.
14. I don't have a cop in my head, but thanks for reminding me about that idiom. That's going to take some time to zap that from my memory. Not cool at all. I am going for my goal. See #13.
15. I have ran into unforeseeable difficulties devolving. It is not one, two, three devolve 100%. That is why I haven't fully accomplished my goal.
16. See #11.
17. I am alive. Yes. When I inhale and exhale it reminds me that I'm alive each time. Procrastination does indeed pose a challenge for me. I'm indifferent to giving meaning to the word anarchy. Not applicable.