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I have a theory about this. As theories are, it's a bit overreaching and abstract, but maybe it'll be enlightening.

Before woke consciousness became widespread in society, our ideas were not widespread in society. We were outsiders and rebels. We TRANSGRESSED. But now, large sections of society believe that racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia exist. They want to lend some level of support for combating these things: usually by saying things online, calling for gender-neutral bathrooms, cancelling people, etc. Yet, not everyone agrees with these woke positions. So, the population is now identifying with the establishment to the extent that they are 'protecting' these gains. Protecting them from the far-right, etc.

While we anarchists are much more than soldiers of wokeness, those ideas are very morally charged. They are hard to go against or question. So, we tend to go along with them, or get swept up in becoming their defenders, putting us on the same side as HR departments and liberals. We stopped being the transgressors.

Because we are not rebels in these situations, we lose humor and irony. Instead, we are defenders of the state as a repressive institution, as it protects these woke gains. We traded humor for moral self-righteousness. Not that we lacked the latter previously. I think it's primarily the loss of our position as transgressors.

Sure, post-lefties and others transgress. But the anarchist culture generally has gotten swept up in defending woke gains in the establishment.

That's my theory.