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I agree we cannot go to the cops: they would be MUCH more interested in identifying Kealiher's friends than in harming anyone who they see as having killed one of their enemies. Thus, we need to "fight our own fires" and that means being able to investigate enemies as well as hold them accountable. If we can find investors in pipelines and visisection labs, if we can smoke out closet fascists, we can identify and hold accountable those who kill one of our own. If we can hold people accountable for killing puppies in labs, we can also hold them accountable for killing our own warriors in the streets.

I want to know that if I am next, those responsible have bigger problems to worry about than the cops.

No idea if it is possible to find the murders this long after, but it is certainly worth a try. Start with hacked hospital records, looking for those admitted with a gunshot wound that night and otherwise unaccounted for. There is the real possiblity that the return fire hit the asshole in the SUV, effectively marking him. I hope the driver was hit and did not dare go to the hospital, and that remnants of the wound (and the bullet) bother him every single day.