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The Art of Not Being Governed, on Immediatism podcast

An anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia, by James C. Scott. The compelling story of disparate Asian peoples residing in Zomia -- a mountainous region the size of Europe that consists of portions of seven countries -- who until recently have stemmed the vast tide of state-making to live at arm's length from any organized state society. (from the cover)

In five episodes, enjoy the preface and all of chapter 1 of this book, key to understanding anarchy as it has been practiced for two millennia in the region known as Zomia. As a region of refuge, Zomia has harbored people fleeing civilization for centuries, and the dynamics of these processes of avoidance are thoroughly described within chapter 1, along with examples of other zones of refuge, including maroon societies, on the other continents.

"A brilliant study rich with humanity and cultural insights, this book will change the way readers think about human history -- and about themselves." ~Robert W. Hefner

1. Preface
2. Intro. to Zomia; A World of Peripheries; The Last Enclosure
3. Creating Subjects; The Great Mountain Kingdom, Zomia
4. Zones of Refuge; The Symbiotic History of Hills and Valleys
5. Toward an Anarchist History of Mainland Southeast Asia; The Elementary Units of Political Order

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