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Essays by Dot Matrix on Immediatism podcast


Four anacha-feminist essays from "What Have We Done for Us Lately? essays by Dot Matrix" are now available on Immediatism podcast. The title essay moves toward "an ongoing theory of intimate violence," but the advice therein is good for all of us in our many various relationships. "The Utility of Identity: Redefining Power" is a somewhat sympathetic look at identity that tries to figure out "how to maximize the usefulness while moving beyond the paralysis [as] an ongoing negotiation." "Less Within, More Between" suggests that "we need to incorporate our needs for both autonomy and membership [in groups] into how we want to live." Finally, "Breaking the Code: Rhetoric to Watch Out For" advises caution when using vague terms such as "ally," "authentic," and "justice;" other words can often be found that offer a clearer meaning and clarity around intention.

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What Have We Done for Us Lately? for an ongoing theory of intimate violence
The Utility of Identity: redefining power
Less Within, More Between
Breaking the Code: Rhetoric to Watch Out For