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Same old problematic New Left narrative...

"Israel was established mostly by Europeans immigrating into a poor, colonized, “Third World,” country. The colonizers took over the country, taking the land, driving out most of the native population and dominating the rest. They established their own state, defined as the state of “the Jewish people” and not of all those who lived in the country. They set up a capitalist economy and became part of the world market. Economically, militarily, and politically, the Israeli state became closely tied to U.S. imperialism. It served as the U.S.’s agent in the region, when needed."

- All the Jews that arrived in the region prior to 1948 did not arrive in a "country". Palestine had stopped being a country since the Medieval era.

- The British are those who took over the region after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. "Mandatory Palestine" was the name given to the area named "International Zone" by the Sykes-Picot Agreement, and it was under British protectorate.

- The Jewish migration from Europe that led to the formation of the State of Israel were mainly European Jewish *refugees* of the Holocaust.

None of this justifies the policies of the Israeli Far Right since the Begin regime, but there was no such a thing as "Zionist imperialism", even if the Zionist movement benefited from British imperialism.

History is shades of grey, with a plot of plot holes and uncertainties. Fanatics want black & white.

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