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A country is a

A country is a territorialization. Unless you use "country" as in the geographic notion of "the country" in reference to the some rural areas, this is an a byproduct of modernity where country has become an analogy for a Nation-State, or at least a territorially-defined nation.

When asking today "which country you're from", people will rather tend to give the name of a Nation-State as answer, than some bioregion like "the North American East Coast" or "the Alps".Which is problematic as this is only an abstract notion defining an order of citizenship, or at best a belonging to an ethnically-defined area (i.e.. Basque country or Kurdistan).

There are very little historical sources claiming for a Palestine as a straight reference to a defined country prior to 100 years ago, to as far back as the Abbasid Caliphate, other than in some figurative way. The area was part of a larger Ottoman province, and this made sense, as the Turks didn't care about the former Roman territory known as "Syria Palaestina"; like any empire they had their own territorialization. The area shifted back and forth from being a defined territory to an undefined area inhabited by the Semitic Phillistines, Judeans as well as the Canaanites, depending on which empire or caliphate ruled the place.

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