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Wayne (not verified)
Zionism and the Palestinians

I admit to being disappointed that no one has remarked on my essay on caste and racism, or even on the body of my article on anti-Semitism. But I will respond to the above comments anyway:

Yes, there were Zionists who were at least influenced by anarchism, the philosopher Martin Buber being the most well-known. However the main influence in the founding of the Zionist state were the social democrats , who were clear that they wanted a national Jewish state, in the context of a capitalist market economy. There were also rightist semi-fascist Zionists (admirers of Mussolini), who fought with the social democrats--and whose political descendants now run the government. Both factions agreed on creating a Zionist, Jewish state--and not the state of all the population, such as Arabs. (So did more moderate liberal Zionists.) They agreed on the need to bring in (mostly European) Jews to take over the land, to dispossess the Palestinian Arabs, and to set up their own state.

The other stuff is irrelevant. To what extent the communities of Palestinian Arabs thought of themselves as a "country" or whether the various imperial rulers thought of Palestine as a "country" is not the point. It's like asking whether the British settlers of east Africa ("Rhodesia," Kenya, etc.) were occupying the land of Africans who thought they had a "country." Who cares? They were settlers, occupiers, and imperialists--and anarchists should be in solidarity with the Africans. (Which does not mean that we agree with programs of nationalism or statism held by the leaderships.)

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