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"Both factions agreed on

"Both factions agreed on creating a Zionist, Jewish state--and not the state of all the population, such as Arabs."

This is where you, just like this usual New Left narrative, are wrong.

Arabs represent 20% of the Israeli society, they've been active also in several kibbutz. Gaza was under attack for years, yes, but organizations like Hamas and the PFLP, who deem to represent the Palestinians, have always been at war not just with the Israeli State, but Jews as a whole (synanogues have been bombed elsewhere by some of these groups, jsyk). Are these the Arabic people? No. They're just a bunch of authoritarian cultists. Factions that the New Left, ever since the RAF at least, has been treating as their unconditional comrades. Which is a huge issue when you realize that these groups often promote reactionary values as well as still being in love with Hitler. You literally got Erdogun and the Iran regime siding with Palestine all over.

The view that Israel was always a Jewish-exclusive State, where it was rather a Jewish-fronted State, is only that of the Far Right faction in charge since Begin. But is a Jewish-dominated secular State a problem? is a State a problem? Sure, I guess. But let's also talk about the several, less secular Muslim-dominated States in the Middle-East and elsewhere while we're at it.

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