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Wayne (not verified)
Anti-Nationalist but Pro-Palestinian

First the above writer appears to deny that the both the Zionist social democrats and the Zionist Revisionists (far-rightists) aimed to create a Jewish State. This is absurd. Then he claims that Arabs have "been active also in several kibbutz." This is true only as small minorities, not enough to change anything. My critic claims that Palestinian Arabs are "20% of the Israeli society." True, since the settlers came and drove most of them off the land into neighboring countries. This was necessary if there was to be a Jewish state.

Finally he points out that various Palestinian and Arab organizations are "authoritarian cultists." So this justifies the Palestinians being dispossessed and now denied the right to return or to have their own state (or self-governing community)? Anarchists have always opposed programs of nationalism and the establishment of national states as the solution to various forms of national and other oppressions--such as anti-Semitism or colonialism.

I explicitly wrote in my comments above, just for this person to see: "(Which does not mean that we agree with programs of nationalism or statism held by the leaderships.). That should have been clear enough, despite its brevity.

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