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Ever heard of the Mizrahim, Wayne?

Unlike Jews, Arabs are an ethnic group unrelated to religious affiliation, as there is also a seizable amount of Arabic Jews.

It's funny how one can claim being anti-nationalist yet Pro-Palestine, lol... What is the Palestinian identity if not a national identity reinstated by the PLO in the 1960s?

PLO was the official political front of the Ḥarakat al-Taḥrīr al-Waṭanī al-Filasṭīnī (Palestinian National Liberation Movement). There was no reference to Palestinians in the Pan-Arab movement led Prince Faisal and supported by the British Empire through Sykes and Lawrence. Under the Mandatory Palestine how would that have changed? At least I haven't found sources talking about Palestinians as a sociological reality prior to the '60s, other than just "the Muslim Arabs living in the area".

Under the MP, the Muslim Arabic opposition to the Jewish Nation-State were the Pan-Arabic Jihadists. The very flag held for Palestine -as if should know to everyone by now-is the flag of the Jihad Army. There wasn't even a reference of a Palestinian struggle of sorts. The two armed factions engaged against the Jews in 1948 were consisting of Muslim Arabs from the entire region... from Syria to Lebanon, and Egypt to Iraq.

Even when I was young in the '70s everyone was talking about "Arabs" and "Muslims" in general. I just started hearing about "Palestine" in the '90s, since it was a national territorial claim within the national liberation movement. This is all narratives. Palestine as an Arab country did not exist before it was claimed by this national liberation movement. There were many Arab-dominated towns for sure... but this doesn't mean they were part of "Palestine".

I am for a No-State Solution to the conflict in Israel. National liberation movement is State-building from the start, and just like any State it is based on militarism, on authoritarian regime funded and armed by foreign regimes.

Peaceful coexistence in the region between Jews and Muslims was a tough challenge for a long time, amplified by this toxic mixture of nationalism and religion fueled by resentment over-used for 100 years. Yet that doesn't mean either group should leave. These are the narratives that deserve to be abandoned in favor of better, freer views of human relations. Apolitical countercultural movements in Israel, that are inclusive to Arabic people, should stand as example, and less of that same-old ISM & PFLP politically-charged bullshit.

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