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Wayne (not verified)
Anarchists and a Palestinian State?

"Why do you think that a Palestinian state is going to be any less oppressive than any other lists of states I could belt out for you?"

I don't. I am not for a Palestinian state. I explicitly wrote (above), ""I too am for a 'no state solution.' But this must mean the co-existence of the two national communities...." I propose a federation of communities and self-managed industries. That is, I am for anarchist socialism.

But alas! the Palestinians do not agree with you or me! Foolishly, perhaps, they know nothing of anarchism and want their own democratic state in some form. Given this reality, what should anarchists do? Should we say, to hell with you Palestinians, you do not know what is good for you, so we anarchists (sitting in imperialist countries mostly) refuse to support you against your Israeli oppressors. Let us know when you wake up and decide to agree with us, the enlightened elite of anarchists.

Or should we say, we anarchists are always on the side of the oppressed and exploited. We are in solidarity with the Palestinian people (mostly workers, peasants, and small merchants) against the Israeli oppressors. We defend your freedom to chose your own future as a people. We think you should chose anarchist socialism, but if you chose something else (such as a national state), we will support your freedom to do so, against the Zionists and the US imperialists. We do not politically support your nationalist and statist leaders and their organizations and parties, however, and will continue to criticize them. We hope over time you will learn from your own experience and come to agree with us on the program of international anarchist revolution.

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