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TOTW: Anarchist Supervillains

(Not about Marvel and DC)

For all our talk of solidarity, there are some anarchists who other anarchists just love to hate. In every milieu there are larger than life figures who've transgressed in one way or another - either through something they said, or wrote, or did - and who just won't go away, no matter how much people shout at them.

Over the years, their mystique grows. Their names become loaded weapons. An aura follows them wherever they go. "Is that who I think it is?" people whisper at our gatherings.

Who are these individuals? Are they unique characters who've used their superpowers to go beyond good and evil? Is the objection to them only because they make us mere mortals look timid in comparison? Or are they just trolls, nuisances to be avoided, bad apples in the bunch?

"Well, they're not really anarchist!" some say, trying to break the spell. "I don't pay them any mind at all!" say others, trying to convince themselves. "Something should be done about that person!" says another, trying to play the role of superhero.

Who are the supervillains in your story? What makes them supervillains, not heroes? Who draws the line and which side are you on, anews commenters? What do these characters - and the conflicts and controversies around them - tell us about anarchism?