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I think there have certainly been anarchists that have been villainized in different ways (to name a few:, but none that have been supervillains.
That's usually reserved for those who pose a credible threat in their quest to achieve world domination.
Consistent anarchists would never be a supervillain, where many historical left wing and right wing dictators have been much closer to that, not to mention other types of rulers, like presidents, monarchs and emperors. Some leftists have wanted to appropriate the notion of being vilified (Hostis publication for example). Yet these bunch do not amount much more than semantic edgelords, incomparable to the heights of supervillainy achieved through sheer banality of evil by technicians, bureaucrats and business people, such as those working at all the recognizable brands, agribusiness, industry, finance sector, and branches of governments.
Anarchists are rarely petty crooks, never billionaires or bank owners, their kill count never reaching that of genocide or ecocide (or at least not being the emblematic protagonists of them, often the antagonist of such atrocities).

What's great about anarchy is that in many aspects it does not seek to be greatest or the first among many, they will never be the greatest supervillain nor superhero, mostly people trying to live their life not being bothered by people telling them what to do or telling others what to do. Although sometimes they don a mask and do ridiculous things like break or wash windows.